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Hollow Mats

These mats are basically all-rubber mats with holes! They are used for a variety of purposes and are available in different sizes and styles. As an anti-poaching mat for horses, the mats can be laid onto grass and will offer a non-slip surface that helps against 'poaching' - particularly useful in gateways or for walkways. The same mats are also used for wet areas or wash-down areas for animals, enabling the free flow of water away from horse and groom while giving a safe footing for both. Laid onto grass in a play-area, also offering a good anti-slip surface.
  • Hollow Mats LE-1105
  • Hollow Mats LE-1105 T
  • Hollow Mats LE-1185
  • Hollow Mats LE-81186
  • Hollow Mats LE-81105 HR
  • Hollow Mats LE-86248
  • Hollow Mats
  • Hollow Mats
  • Hollow Mats
  • Hollow Mats
  • Hollow Mats

Available Sizes

  • Size in Inches
  • Size in CM
  • 16 X 24
  • 40 X 60
  • 20 X 39
  • 50 X 100
  • 39X 59
  • 100 X 150